EU Youth Programs

Entertainment University Youth Programs 501c3 was created by ATNetwork 
Entertainment University Youth Programs & Summit was created to encourage youth to graduate from high school and seek higher education. The goal of our youth programs and summit is to inform youth ages 13 to 23 of academic programs geared towards their interest, career opportunities, develop skills, and provide a venue for youth to interact with (professionals, businesses, and academic institutions).

The Entertainment Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is very dominant, popular and influential amongst today’s youth in every culture. Many adolescents desire to have successful, profitable careers in various media professions. Although many may have the talent, focus and drive to pursue success in this field, too often they lack the opportunities, instruction and mentorship to truly be successful and live their dreams.
Entertainment University Mass Media & Fashion Program is a comprehensive pedagogical program that combines hands-on training, traditional lectures and instruction to develop the business mind and skill-set of future prospects in a true mass media and fashion environment
Entertainment University Summit combines essential knowledge with hands-on personal development in a project-based environment, modeling the same kinds of professionals along with business scenarios you'll encounter in the media and fashion industry. The Summit is designed to give youth a full range of knowledge needed for a career within entertainment industry or to launch your own entrepreneurial endeavor.
We are looking to raise $2,500,000.00
Our budgets will be built out per location and run on a 12 - month calendar with 10 months of instruction time.
We will house programs in studios, schools, and event centers.

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